Kevin was born and raised in Ottawa Ontario in 1959. He was formally educated in furniture design and cabinet making at the Ontario Woodworking Centre in Kitchener Ontario. He served an apprenticeship in Marquetry with a Latvian Cabinetmaker and studied wood bending with a Mennonite Buggy wheel builder. Art has been a pursuit of Kevin’s since he could hold a pencil. Kevin has studied at the Haliburton School of arts, as well as designing a course in marquetry and teaching it there for ten years.

As an avid outdoorsman and artist Kevin was drawn to Haliburton where he has made his home since 1983. The forests and lakes in the Haliburton highlands and the Algonquin area are where Kevin finds his peace. Attempting to express the beauty of this area is the inspiration for the landscapes and wildlife that are found in Kevin’s marquetry.

The essence of Canada, for Kevin, is not in our cities but a few steps off the beaten path.

Marquetry is the age old art of creating pictorial scenes in wood. Each wood from around the world has its own unique colour and texture. By cutting and carefully fitting different woods for every colour and shade within the scene a stunning mosaic can be created with a depth and warmth that is timeless.

Today Kevin continues to refine his techniques and challenge his limits as an artist and craftsman. It is his goal to create work that will not only share his passion for our landscape and wildlife, but also to create work that has the quality to be enjoyed for generations

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